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Learning Disabilities Assessment

Our comprehensive combined Cognitive Assessment & Educational Assessment process helps us understand your child's cognitive and learning strengths and difficulties, determine if they have a learning disability (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia) and allows us to offer tailored recommendations to help parents, schools and support personnel create effective learning support plans. 

(4 hours : $1800 including report)


NOTE: If a Cognitive Assessment was previously completed for your child by a Psychologist, please book the Educational Assessment. We use standardised tools such as the WIAT-III, CTOPP-2 and others to investigate your child or adolescent's current literacy and numeracy skills for all year levels.

(2.5 hours : $1100 including report)

Cognitive Assessment

Our Cognitive Assessment process involves use of age appropriate standardised cognitive assessments (e.g. WPPSI-IV, WISC-V) that measures abilities such as problem solving, working memory and processing abilities.


(1.5 hours - $900 including report)

Autism Assessments

We use a range of assessment tools including the ADOS, and conduct a comprehensive parent interview to complete a thorough diagnostic process for ASD. The assessment report will provide recommendations tailored to your child's unique needs, including support with specialists, school and family, to help your child thrive in all environments.


(3 hours: $1800 including report)

Literacy / Numeracy Assessment 

(Prep - Grade 3)

These are not diagnostic assessments for learning disabilities (i.e. dyslexia or dysgraphia or dyscalculia)

Our  Literacy Assessment can identify your child's strengths and challenges in phonics, reading and spelling skills.

Our Numeracy Assessment can identify their strengths and challenges in foundational math (operations, applied math concepts such as time and money, and math problem solving).

These assessments are useful in identifying appropriate targeted intervention programs or support at lower primary. Results and recommendations are provided for follow-up by teachers, parents and others (e.g. tutors).

Literacy Assessment (1 hour - $400)

Numeracy Assessment (1 hour $400)

ADHD Assessment

At Stars Psychology we offer an ADHD screening assessment process that includes investigation of your child's working memory and processing speed abilities, as well as teacher and parent behavioural observations of their attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and executive functioning. Our report provides recommendations to help your child succeed at school and other environments.


(1.5 hours : $950 including report)

Literacy Intervention

(Prep - Grade 3)

We work in partnership with a team of VIT Registered Teachers and Literacy Specialists who are trained in structured synthetic phonics programs that are grounded in the latest educational research and are based on the Science of Reading, such as Sounds-Write, UFLI Foundations and Multi-Lit. The team specialises in lower primary literacy intervention and will support students with phonics instruction, multi-sensory techniques, decodable reading, vocabulary instruction, and reading comprehension strategies in both one-to-one and small group weekly lessons.


Please CLICK HERE to get in touch with a Literacy Specialist. 

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